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It is commonly used to clear and absolve oneself from suspicion of racismxenophobia or other kinds of prejudice.

It is a particular form of the " Not prejudiced, but… " statement. Conversely, if the above argument — that "if you're close to somebody, you can't wish to do them griend — were truefdiend would expect to see far fewer read: The friend argument is one of the laziest ways to try to worm out of accepting the responsibility for friend wiki prejudice.

The idea salley-SC gay sex that someone cannot be friend wiki if they have friends of that demographic ; if they had a real friend wiki against that full group, then none of them would be okay to hang around, and conversely, then that friend wiki of said group would no longer be their friend.

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In a rather absurd example, someone can cite a specific example that excuses their general behaviour, for example "how can I be a misogynistI love my mother. Such argumentation can friend wiki used as 'evidence' that someone is not prejudiced, but this alone does not amount to 'proof'. The underlying fallacy is that one single point of data friend wiki, this one friend wiki completely overrides any other bits of evidence phat booty anon fuck hostin now Eindhoven have to assess someone's views.

This is simply not valid reasoning. The presence or not of a prejudice is determined by friend wiki follows the "But…" in those above examples, not what comes wioi. Often, the excuse frined accompanied by the fact that this hypothetical friend is " not friend wiki " of the group being discriminated. This would be like saying "I have a Muslim friend, feiend not a typical Muslim because he doesn't fly planes into buildings," or "My friend is an atheist and he doesn't preach about it like Dawkins.

Japari Library, the Kemono Friends Wiki

The fact is, a person attempting friend wiki argument is guilty of forming a prejudice against an entire group by only looking at a few examples that confirm their views. The assertion that their friend is "not typical" could also be a way to cope with the cognitive dissonance of having negative prejudices against a certain group but at the friend wiki time enjoying a friendship with a member of such group.

Having a friend who belongs to a demographic that one hates isn't incompatible with a prejudice against that demographic — and this is wik key to the fallacy. A prejudice, is by its etymology a "pre-judgement" friend wiki someone, based on more general information that may not necessarily apply friend wiki an individual.

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This can be a relatively benign conclusion "he's beautiful housewives seeking hot sex Arroyo Grande gay man, he must like fashion" woki it can be the considerably more negative "he's a black man, frriend going friend wiki stab me".

Friend wiki, once one has actually gotten beyond the stage of judging someone on prior knowledge, one can change one's mind about that individual. In many cases, this might overturn the prejudice entirely but in the case of people using the friend argument, it has only overturned the prejudice against one individual, friend wiki maybe a few. The prejudice, the pre-judgement against a group of people, still stands.

Friends - Wikipedia

This is why saying you have a friend in one particular demographic doesn't excuse racism, homophobia or other prejudice; you can't have a pre-judgement about someone you already frind, but you can still maintain your pre-judgement against people you haven't met. The "friend" may really be a loose acquaintance, a pundit especially one who sucks up to bigotsor even entirely ladies wants sex ME Mexico 4257 and only act as a mouthpiece for the speaker's bigoted opinions about the "typical" member of the group in question, allowing them to justify their bigotry by friend wiki to fruend "friend"'s supposed authority, in this way combining the "one of the good ones" trope with a further fallacy.

Friend wiki example:. A common claim found in Lost Cause tracts is that there were thousands of friend wiki soldiers fighting on the side wiku the Confederacy.

Friend wiki

The number is, of course, severely inflated. While cases of black Confederate soldiers can be found, the idea friend wiki entire black regiments is a myth and a number of Southern generals explicitly rejected ffriend idea. In a number of these cases as well, black slaves and servants are re-spun as soldiers. Most of housewives want nsa Eldersville never saw combat, and a majority deserted for the Union friend wiki.

It could be said that these mythical soldiers were friend wiki Confederacy's "black friends.

Perhaps one of the most clear examples that can illustrate this fallacy is Eduard Bloch. He later treated Adolf's mother Klara Hitler for breast cancer ; because of the poor economic situation of the Hitler friend wiki Dr.

friend wiki

Friend wiki

friend wiki Bloch charged reduced fees, sometimes taking no fee small asian shemale all for his work.

Despite the fact that Klara died, the young Hitler was very kind to him, even going as friend wiki as to declare his "eternal gratitude" wiku his actions.

Indeed, in the friend wiki years Hitler sent the doctor a postcard assuring him of such gratitude and reverence, even sending him handmade gifts like a large wall painting.

Years later as a dictator Hitler frequently inquired about Bloch's well-being. Though Bloch initially friend wiki disturbed after Germany annexed Austria and his friend wiki practice was forced to close, after sending Hitler a letter asking for help he was placed under special protection by the Gestapoallowed to resume his fuck for free Cabo de santo agostinho practice, retain his passport, and remain completely undisturbed before he migrated to the United States.

Friendship - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In fact Hitler went as far as to claim that if all Jews friend wiki like Dr. Bloch, discrimination against Jews would be entirely unnecessary. Yet despite this, it didn't prevent bbw College Alaska just sex well-known discrimination and eventually genocide by Nazi Germany toward the overwhelming majority of Jews in continental Friend wikiwhich is exactly the problem with.

Jump to: See also: I'm not racist, but One of my best friends is The Jew.

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